Your Brand On Twitter – Best Or Bastard? [SlideShare]

People are taking their grievances online, on social networking platforms to be precise. Unsurprisingly, Twitter leads the lot. If your brand doesn’t have an account there, you are missing out in more ways than one. Read on to find out what twitter users had to say about their interactions with brands in 140 characters and less.

Brand Twitter
Brand Twitter

Every week, we run a #JUQOW campaign at the JustUnfollow Twitter account wherein we ask our followers one question. Earlier this month, we asked them whether they had contacted brands via twitter. If yes, were they responded to?

The response was overwhelming. While a lot of people attested to having had a good experience with most brands they had tried to contact, there were some who weren’t so impressed.

Brands that interacted were immediately tagged “favourite”, while those that didn’t were “bastards”. Being nice on Twitter, isn’t difficult. Why would you want to be called a bastard before a potential audience of thousands, when you can easily send a reply and be declared a favourite?

Essentially, if you are a brand, you should realize that social media is powerful, far more powerful than any conventional method of customer service, and it’s growing. You have to connect with your current and prospective customers where they are – on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular social networking websites.

We used the responses to create a slideshare slideshow and a set of reputation management ground rules – watch and read below.

Ground Rules For Reputation Management On Twitter
-A reply makes a lot of difference, even if you are only responding to a “hi”. Responses from brands invariably receive retweets (more exposure for you).
-Don’t act holier than thou. Your business depends on your customers. Follow back as much as possible – especially if asked to.
-Respond to good feedback soon – don’t take it for granted. But, respond to bad feedback sooner – it’ll help you improve.
-If you don’t know the answer to questions asked on Twitter, don’t ignore those tweets – ask someone or get the right person in your organization to respond.
-Be careful with campaigns. Remember McDonald’s fiasco.
Is your brand doing things right on Twitter – or not? Share with us in the comments below.
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