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Whitelist users you do not wish to unfollow

In my earlier post I spoke about the new ‘whitelist’ feature that I had developed. The feature is now live for everyone. Please give it a try and let me know if it suits your needs.

To give a short explanation of what ‘whitelist’ is  :

If you do not wish to unfollow a particular non-follower(probably want to follow celebs who do not follow you back), then in such cases you can add them to the ‘whitelist’. Such users would not be shown on your unfollowers list until you go to the ‘whitelist’ option and remove them from there. 

Try today. It’s the simplest way to manage your twitter friends and followers.

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  • ravimohanv

    The white list is a fantastic idea-some thing I wanted for a very long time.Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    @ravimohanv glad you like it :)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you…makes things much easier!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for making out lives even easier!

  • jorgecist

    really cool tool!!

  • E_LucasTaylor

    How do you unlist from the white list? I hit the button by mistake.

  • Anonymous

    @E_LucasTaylor click the ‘whitelist’ link at the very top of the page. It’ll take you to the page where you can see all whitelisted users.


    LOVING THE WHITELIST!!!! ! it makes it so much easier to not unfollow the people that you want to keep. thank you for this. It rocks!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    @AujastarGlad to know that… thnks for stopping by…

  • Top Web Searches

    The Whitelist is a true gem. I tried couple of other unfollowing applications but none is so powerful yet simple as JustUnfollow. This is why I immediately upgraded to PRO. It’s only $5/year. This is really well spent money because I can comeback anytime and unfollow those who don’t follow me. And I would not check famous tweeps again because the whitelist can hold up to 500 IDs. Great job guys!Regards, @VaultNews

  • Anonymous

    @VaultNews thanks for the appreciation. I’m working on a new feature that will let users follow new users. It will be released in a week or two.

  • VaultNews

    You mean like Twiends? That would be awesome! Thanks doing your best to improve your system. I am sure that subscribers would appreciate this new feature enormously. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Not very sure what they do but what I’m doing is very basic. You will soon be able to see any twitter users followers and follow them using JustUnfollow

  • VaultNews

    I’m not sure I understand, but feel free to email me at anytime your thoughts and I might be able to offer suggestions or even beta test the new feature, free of charge of course. I am always looking to help people who help other people and your application is tremendous helpful. :)I will no longer post here to not clutch your blog entry. I think my email should be visible at "Top Web Searches" user above (that’s me). Cheers!

  • JavierReyes22

    God Bless You!

  • Anonymous

    @JavierReyes22 thank you :)

  • eQuoteMD

    This application is awesome! Following over 1,000 Twitter users and most are not following back after months and months of waiting. Great way to clean house! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    @eQuoteMD Glad you like what we’ve built :)

  • equotemd

    @Nischal You make it easy to like an application like this. :-)

  • kk

    Awesome tool – thanks for continued enhancements!

  • Anonymous

    @kk expect some more new features soon :)

  • nariezkath

    thank you :)

  • Anonymous

    @nariezkath thanks for using our app :)

  • shai

    could someone tell me how to get back the white list to normal? I mean how to unfollow those whitelisted?

  • Anonymous

    @Shai Look at the top left corner of the site ‘More Features’ -> ‘Whitelist’ . Hope that helps.

  • shai

    @Nischal Thanks :)

  • MindTheRant

    Here’s what I wish your tool could do: since last winter I’ve received 15 Twitter robo-email alerts about Twitter users who have signed up to follow me, but there are consistently only about 5 users listed as following me on my Twitter page. I thought your tool would identify which of these 15 followers had decided to unfollow me (which is why my follow list never seems to go above 5) , but instead the list just shows all the people I’m following … most of whom are well known in their field and I *certainly* wouldn’t expect them to follow me back. How about having a separate column that identifies everybody who’s officially followed you and then decided to unfollow you? *That* would be handy!Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    We’ve been hoping to get that feature out. I do not have a date when it would be done but it is on priority so it will come soon :)

  • shamika

    you should really look into blacklist aswell that would be great!

  • Anonymous

    @shamika we do have plans for it. It will just take a little longer than we previously thought.

  • Ikira

    I just upgraded to your premium service. How can I identify out of the people that unfollow me, those I put into one of my, and want to keep!?

  • Anonymous

    @Ikira hi, you can click the ‘whitelist’ link in the non follower list to add someone to the whitelist. To view whitelisted users, go to top left corner ‘More Features’ -> ‘Whitelist’. Hope that helps.

  • maitri

    this is great!! thanks for sharing the information!! i shall use it more often!!

  • Anonymous

    @maitri glad you found it useful :)

  • LolaPops

    I still don’t get this..When u white list someone that isn’t following you, what benefit is it?

    • UroojKazi


      Generally people who aren’t following you show up as suggestions for you to unfollow within the app. If you whitelist someone who isn’t following you (but who you want to continue following), he/she will not show up as an unfollow recommendation.

      Hope that helps!

  • ✿ GregGorenc ♔

    Can whitelist people follow me back?

    • Urooj Kazi

      Yes, they can.