We’ve Got News! – The JustUnfollow Times

A lot’s been happening at JustUnfollow lately. A lot.

For starters, we’ll soon be moving to a new office. It is bigger, looks awesomer and is totally grand! Here’s a photo – work’s still on, so ignore all those extra newspaper thingies.

New JustUnfollow Office
New JustUnfollow Office

The guy pretending to look busy is Nischal. I didn’t have the heart to crop him out. He also happens to be my boss. ;)

More photos once we officially move in.

In other news, we’ve been keeping you all informed, so I am guessing you know we are now over 4 millions users and 8 team members strong.

On the JustUnfollow app front, there are some changes we thought you should know about:

1. We’ve done away with the stats tweets you used to receive earlier that went something along the lines of “Your daily stats: x unfollower, y followers. Via justunfollow.com”. We’ve got over 200 different tweet variations out now and the feedback’s been coming in. From sporting acceptance to hilarious hahahahas to outright rejection (someone called them ‘obnoxious’ – I’ll just go cry in a corner).

Anyways, we thought it’d be a welcome change and for the most part it seems to be. So, they are here to stay. We hope you guys like them.

2. We can now email you your stats. So, if you’d prefer to get your daily or weekly stats in your inbox, head over to justunfollow.com > Automate (last option on the left) > Check the Email my stats box.

3. The third update’s awesome. It’s so awesome that I think I’ll keep it under wraps for now. Ok, maybe a little hint, a tiny one - iOS users, you are in for a mighty nice surprise (the tech team’s done some awesome work)! :) Read our updates over the next few days to find out what’s cooking.

That’s it for the today. Got something to say? The comment box is all yours.

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