Keyword Follow Launches – Merry Christmas!

Christmas is here! Merry Christmas! The JustUnfollow team was hard at work to get a December gift out for you. And here’s the final output – Keyword Follow.

This powerful feature (more powerful than even Copy Followers, in my opinion) lets you find twitter users who’ve used specific keywords or hashtags in their tweets. So, for instance, I could search for people who’ve used the keyword “Happy Holidays” or the hashtag “#MerryChristmas” in their tweets and follow them.

This feature is extremely useful if you are planning to target follow users – this will help you find tweeps who are interested in what you have to say, whether you are individual who idolizes Madonna or a business that sells Ugg boots.

Additionally, you can filter these results by location. So, you could search for people wish others #MerryChristmas or talking about Social media in your vicinity or at “x” location.

Here are some screenshots that illustrate this awesome feature (Click on them to expand):

Keyword follow
Keyword Follow


You can search by location.


Find and follow users

I’ve been using it and love it so far. Paid users, for whom it was released slightly earlier, have been using it insanely as well. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. A more detailed post with several optimal uses of this feature to follow soon.

Merry Christmas again! Have fun!