Instagram’s Forbidden And Re-Authenticate Errors: Quick Hack


Have you been seeing the “Forbidden” error when you try to login to JustUnfollow with Instagram? Or are you greeted with the “Please Reauthenticate” message when you hit follow or unfollow? You aren’t alone.

This error is at Instagram’s end and is being faced by users of all Instagram third party apps.

While Instagram gets its act together, the JustUnfollow tech team has identified a quick hack that has managed to help our users resolve the “Forbidden” and “Please reauthenticate” errors:

  1. Go to the Instagram app, make a small change in your bio and save the change.
  2. Open your JustUnfollow app and add that Instagram account again (just click on Add Account and add your Instagram login details).
Add Account
Add Account

Your Instagram account should now work as well as before the error struck. Let us know if you have any questions.

  • lina

    How do I take this app off my instagram?! It wont let me accept request nor like pictures nor comment on pictures! Please help.

    • Urooj Kazi


      The JustUnfollow app will not affect your Instagram activities in any way. If you want to take it off your IG, simply revoke access to it from the Apps screen.

    • Trevor

      It definitely does affect you IG. You have to reauthenticate both your IG and your JustUnfollow every time that you use JU. A crazy pain in the butt. Better to wait until IG fixes this. Following or unfollowing is quicker in the IG app, by far when you take this into account.

  • chas

    Every since I installed this app, it does not let me do anything with instagram. I have uninstalled both instagram and the unfollow up and it still does not work. So what can I do to get instagram back working?

    • Urooj Kazi


      The app wouldn’t affect your Instagram in any way. Install the latest version of IG and see if that helps.

  • will

    this doesn’t work ….. the instagram app doesn’t let you comment, like, follow, or etc. after it said forbidden

    • Urooj Kazi

      Hi! Please follow the instructions given in the blog post.

  • najib

    The turn around doesn’t work.

    • Urooj Kazi

      Not at all?

    • visa

      Nothing is working even the IG website shows that recaptcha blank screen what is this a virus????

    • Urooj Kazi


      Please send us a screenshot to info[at]justunfollow[dot]com.

  • sandra

    I tried following the directions, but when I tried to make a small change on my bio, a blank white page would pop up. What do I do? Nothings working. I want my instagram backkkkk. ):

    • Urooj Kazi

      That’s strange. Try doing it on Instagram’s website. Go to > login > Click on your icon on the top right > Edit your profile.

  • the person who hates this app.

    I hate this app.

  • cha cha

    My instagram not lettn me do nothing its not showing a code niether im locked out because this app what do i do?

    • Urooj Kazi

      Try doing it on Instagram’s website. Go to > login > Click on your icon on the top right > Edit your profile.

  • JustStellaa

    Every time I go to log into Instagram ( @juststellaa ) on JustUnfollow it comes up with an error message saying ‘this account is already linked to another user, please change this in the Instagram app’. I have no idea what this means, nor how to change it. I do have another Instagram that I thought it may have been linked to somehow, but I can log that one into JustUnfollow easily. Someone help please?

    • Urooj Kazi

      I think there might be a mismatch with your email address. Can you send us an email with the handles of your instagram account and the issue: info[at]justunfollow[dot]com?

  • miranda

    Ever since I installed this app my instagram doesn’t let me like any pictures nor accept requests nothing! and goes straight to a blank screen. I’ve tried numerous times trying diffrent things and nothing seems to work. I don’t want to make a new account it will be a waste of time -.-

    • Urooj Kazi

      Hi! Please send us a screenshot to info[at]justunfollow[dot]com. I’ll get a tech team member to look into this.

  • Oshai Imani

    What happens when it says my account ins null

    • Siddharth Menon

      Don’t panic, Instagram is known to throw lots of new errors. Please try again.

  • Dee

    How do I revoke access for Instagram?

    • Siddharth Menon

      Not really, but if it doesn’t work using the above method you could try revoking and trying again.
      For me it worked in the first attempt.

  • Greg Seymour

    It seems that when I get the Forbidden error, if I go into IG on my computer, as opposed to phone, and try to like or leave a comment, IG brings up a Kaptcha box. Once authenticated Justunfollow and IG work right again.

  • escaping_silence

    Oh my gosh thanks so much I had this problem for 3 days and I’m glad I googled searched it because I thought I was the only one! Follow me :) the username is my name

  • nabaa

    Thanks this really helped I unfollowed like 500 ppl n I was forbidden change something in your bio and it works trust me

  • amirul

    i can use my instagram again.. thanks a lot!