How Often Should You Tweet: One Simple Equation

How do you know whether you are tweeting too much or too little? Will people start unfollowing you for clogging their timeline or for being inactive? This very simple equation can be your guide.

If you’ve been wondering who unfollowed you – you know where you can find the answer. If you want to know why – our last post answered that.

In this post we’ll address a question that came up after we compiled the results for this post: Why People Unfollow You On Twitter, From The Horse’s Mouth. We had asked our twitter followers to share ‘one’ reason why they unfollow other users most often. Two of the top reasons were: they tweet too much and they tweet too little. Now, this is a conundrum if ever there was one. How would you know whether you are striking the right balance?

Our friend, over at Being Practical, has developed a very commonsensical equation, which he refers to as ‘PJ’s Equation of Tweeting':

PJ's Equation of Tweeting
PJ’s Equation of Tweeting

What this means is that your total tweets should not be more than 10 times your followers. So, if you have 50 followers, no more than 500 tweets.

For every new follower, you will earn the right to 10 tweets and with every unfollower, you’ll lose it. This will make you tweet responsibly and ensure that you send only the best tweets out – not random ramblings about what you had for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

They add three post scripts for situations when the equation won’t stick:

PS1: Total Tweets includes everything – tweets, replies and retweets. (We personally feel replies shouldn’t be included in this, for what is the use of Twitter if you don’t interact.)
PS 2: If you just joined Twitter, the equation will not work. But as you get regular, it should.
PS 3: If you are celebrity in real world (or if you think you are) then: Tweets < (Followers / 10).

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Has your current account managed to adhere to PJ’s equation of tweeting? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Boni Satani

    lol…i have more tweets than my followers :P

    • Urooj Kazi

      Haha…most of us do! :)

    • AnthonyDejolde

      Hi Urooj, a lifehack reader wants to clarify something about your article on lifehack. Would it be OK if you check it out? Thanks. (They love your article!)

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  • Joseph

    For that formula, is that per day, week, month, etc.?

    • Urooj Kazi

      Hi Joseph,

      It’s not a hard and fast rule, but kind of like a good number to stay by. So, the formula is for the number of tweets so far. If I were to check today, my tweets shouldn’t be more than 10 times the number of people following me.

  • Web Developer

    More tweets can spread your services and products to maximum users.

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  • Amphibian King West

    Interesting formula that seems to be pretty accurate – I’ve 18.4k Tweets (original Tweets, replies & RT’s included) and 1343 followers.

  • KD_Forsman

    This makes sense but doesn’t quite work for me? I have 5932 followers, if I times that by ten that’s 59,320 tweets, yet I’ve only tweeted 2,266 times… (and I thought that was a lot!) There must be a point where the formula falls over?

    ps. Even though I think I’m a celebrity (in my own lunchtime LOL!) the exceptions you have stated don’t work either…

    But interesting article, I’m sure I’m just an odd ball case.

  • Conservatarian

    Oops..I’m 500 tweets short (40.1k/4.6k). I’d better get busy.

  • BumferryHogart

    3k tweets, 91 followers (stop laughing!!) so how does that work. How is somebody supposed to apply this rule but keep to the equation? Can’t delete tweets and should make any more until another 200 people start to follow with me doing anything! This is just an example of social media snobbery with nothing in the way of help assistance or guidance other than useless statistics…..

  • Conrad Zero

    Does not compute.No offense to @ladygaga but just because she has 42M followers doesn’t mean I want to hear from her every ten seconds. And the inverse goes for new accounts. A more useful algorithm would be given in tweets per day or per hour. How many is too many? Note that # of followers has no bearing on this. I’d also put a cap on per minute tweets unless in conversation. I drop anyone who auto-posts ten discrete tweets in ten seconds because you know they are scripting tweets through api.