3 Incredibly Useful Gmail Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

Do you know your one gmail address is equal to an infinite number of gmail addresses? Do you know you can call back that email you just sent? Do you know there’s something that can cure your urge to check your emails constantly? Find out!

Gmail Tricks
Gmail Tricks

Gmail is awesome. So awesome, that I have close to half a dozen different gmail accounts for different purposes. I bet almost all of you will agree with me that, as with all things Google, Gmail is the best email service around.

In this post we’ll discuss three gmail-extras that will make it awesomer and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a ton of stuff you can do with Gmail. Another day, another post, maybe.


The secret to infinite gmail addresses: This is how a typical gmail address looks – [email protected] You can add just about anything after the xyz seperated by a + sign and emails sent to that address will still be delivered to your mailbox. This is because, Gmail tends to ignore all characters after the + sign. So, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] are all the same email address.

Why would you need this trick? If you are like me, you subscribe to a lot of interesting blogs, news feeds etc. And as with most things in life, these email lists tend to get compromised and before you know it the very website you trusted is sending you spam. So, let’s imagine a hypothetical situation: you are following Google’s blog updates and you signed up with this email [email protected] Now if you receive spam in your email inbox and the “to” address is “[email protected]”, you know which list has been compromised and you can immediately unsubscribe.


Unsend emails: Had your ‘oops’ moment yet? Sent an email and wished you could bring it back? This has happened to me, but it’s generally stupid stuff like grammar mistakes in my email that get me all harried. But your oops moment could have been something more serious – sent it to the wrong James, maybe? Here’s how you can delay email sending to ensure that you can call back your email after you’ve sent it.

Gear shaped icon on the top, left > Settings > Labs > Scroll down > Undo Send > Enable. This will delay sending for a few seconds after you hit send. Sometimes, those few seconds can make all the difference.


Desktop Notifications: Do you have a compulsion for email checking? Need to pop into your inbox every five minutes? This can be a huge time waster. Huge. The solution?:

Gear-shaped button > settings > scroll down > Desktop notifications > New mail notifications on. ow every email you receive in your inbox will show up as a notification, irrespective of what you are doing at that point in time.

If you know that you’ll receive a notification whenever an email’s received it will drastically reduce your compulsion to check your email and will help you concentrate better on the task at hand.

That’s it for the day. Of course, there are dozens of other useful Gmail tricks, but these should last you a while. Do you have a favorite Gmail trick that is not very well known? Share with us in the comments below.

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